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Because many infectious diseases are emerging in animals in low-income and middle-income countries, surveillance of animal health in these areas may be needed for forecasting disease risks to humans. We present an overview of a mobile phone-based frontline surveillance system developed and implemented in Sri Lanka. Field veterinarians reported animal health(More)
DESCRIPTION This algorithm is a complement to [1], where the theoretical background and development are described. ALGORITHM [Only those portions of the listings which are introductory comments explaining the subroutines IBESS and JBESS are printed here. The complete listing is available from the ACM Algorithms Distribution Service (see inside back cover(More)
Subroutines IBESS and JBESS for L(x) and J,(x), x >_ O, p > O, are presented which implement , in similar fashions, the power series, the asymptotic expansion for x ~ ~, and the uniform asymptotic expansion for ~-* ¢~ as basic elements. Where the asymptotic expansion for x-~ o0 is used, sequences are started by two evaluations of the expansion followed by(More)
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