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Arhorchin Mongol herdsmen are one of the tribal and regional groups of the Mongol nationality still engaged in traditional animal husbandry in the grassland areas of eastern Inner Mongolia at present. There are 77 species of wild plants used in their diet. An ethnobotanical inventory is presented, which includes the botanical names, folk names, parts used,(More)
The Kucong, a branch of Lahu and an indigenous ethnic group living in Jinping County, Yunnan Province, China, have a very short history of settled village life (about 40 years). According to the data of ethnobotanical investigation, 118 species of medicinal plants belonging to 57 families and 98 genera used by Lahu healers have been inventoried. The(More)
Okur-Chung syndrome is a neurodevelopmental condition attributed to germline CSNK2A1 pathogenic missense variants. We present eight unreported subjects with the above syndrome, who have recognizable dysmorphism, varying degrees of developmental delay and multisystem involvement. Together with six previously reported cases, we present a case series of seven(More)
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