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BACKGROUND Airway hyperresponsiveness (AWHR), expressed as hypersensitivity (PC75 RL ) or hyperreactivity (slope of the histamine dose-response curve), is a feature of inflammatory airway disease (IAD) or mild equine asthma in horses. Glucocorticoids are used empirically to treat IAD. OBJECTIVES To determine whether dexamethasone (DEX) (0.05 mg/kg IM(More)
Desmitis of the collateral ligament of the distal interphalangeal joint is a cause of lameness in performance horses. The objective of this prospective, experimental, ex vivo feasibility study was to evaluate the success of ultrasound-guided injection of the collateral ligaments of the distal interphalangeal joint in the equine forelimb. Seventy-six(More)
The microbial composition of the equine respiratory tract, and differences due to mild equine asthma (also called Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD)) have not been reported. The primary treatment for control of IAD in horses are corticosteroids. The objectives were to characterize the upper and lower respiratory tract microbiota associated with respiratory(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the mRNA expression of T helper (Th)1, Th2, and Th17 cell-associated inflammatory mediators in cells of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid samples collected from healthy horses exposed to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) and to monitor blood oxygen concentration during and following HBO therapy. ANIMALS 8 healthy horses. PROCEDURES In a randomized(More)
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