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Cladded multimode fiber optic tapers are proposed as chemical sensors using evanescent wave absorption. There is no need to strip the cladding; therefore, fabrication is easy and the taper is mechanically stronger than the taper without cladding. The transmission property and evanescent wave absorption are modeled using ray theory and wave theory,(More)
A finite-difference frequency-domain (FDFD) method is applied for photonic band gap calculations. The Maxwell's equations under generalized coordinates are solved for both orthogonal and non-orthogonal lattice geometries. Complete and accurate band gap information is obtained by using this FDFD approach. Numerical results for 2D TE/TM modes in square and(More)
A liquid filled microstructured optical fiber (MOF) is used to detect x-rays. Numerical analysis and experimental observation leads to geometric fiber optics theory for MOF photon transmission. A model using this theory relates the quantity and energy of absorbed x-ray photons to transmitted MOF generated photons. Experimental measurements of MOF photon(More)
The dispersion and loss in microstructured fibers are studied using a full-vectorial compact-2D finite-difference method in frequency-domain. This method solves a standard eigen-value problem from the Maxwell's equations directly and obtains complex propagation constants of the modes using anisotropic perfectly matched layers. A dielectric constant(More)
A simple implementation of plane wave method is presented for modeling photonic crystals with arbitrary shaped 'atoms'. The Fourier transform for a single 'atom' is first calculated either by analytical Fourier transform or numerical FFT, then the shift property is used to obtain the Fourier transform for any arbitrary supercell consisting of a finite(More)
Two numerical techniques for analysis of defect modes in photonic crystals are presented. Based on the finite-difference time-domain method (FDTD), we use plane wave incidences and point sources for excitation and analysis. Using a total-field/scattered-field scheme, an idealplane wave incident at different angles is implemented; defect modes are(More)
We propose coupled cavities to realize a strong enhancement of the Raman scattering. Five sub cavities are embedded in the photonic crystals. Simulations through finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method demonstrate that one cavity, which is used to propagate the pump beam at the optical-communication wavelength, has a Q factor as high as 
1.254×10⁸ and(More)
We propose a full-vectorial Galerkin method for the analysis of circular symmetric fibers with arbitrary index profiles. A set of orthogonal Laguerre-Gauss functions is used to calculate the dispersion relation and mode fields of TE and TM modes. Examples are given for both standard step-index fibers and Bragg fibers. For standard step-index fiber with low(More)