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The spreading of the quantum-mechanical probability distribution density of D-dimensional hydrogenic orbitals is quantitatively determined by means of the local information-theoretic quantity of Fisher in both position and momentum spaces. The Fisher information is found in closed form in terms of the quantum numbers of the orbital.
The Fisher-Shannon and LMC shape complexities and the Shannon-disequilibrium, Fisher-Shannon and Fisher-disequilibrium information planes, which consist of two localization-delocalization factors, are computed in both position and momentum spaces for the one-particle densities of 90 selected molecules of various chemical types, at the CISD/6-311++G(3df,2p)(More)
Heisenberg-like and Fisher-information-based uncertainty relations which extend and generalize previous similar expressions are obtained for N-fermion d-dimensional systems. The contributions of both spatial and spin degrees of freedom are taken into account. The accuracy of some of these generalized spinned uncertainty-like relations is numerically(More)
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