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Effective and safe photodisruption requires that the laser pulse be brought to a fine focus. Contact lenses are generally required to compensate for the optical aberrations of the eye which degrade the laser focus. The theoretical analysis of these aberrations has led to the construction of a contact lens which minimizes aberrations in the posterior(More)
Vernier thresholds rise much more rapidly in the periphery than do grating thresholds. A similar dissociation between acuity and hyperacuity has been shown to be present in strabismic but not in anisometropic amblyopia, thus leading to the suggestion that the strabismic fovea is similar to the normal periphery. Here it is shown that a quantitative model for(More)
The retinas of six pigmented rabbits (12 eyes) were irradiated with a cw-Nd:YAG laser using two different pulse forms, in conjunction with a constant pulse duration of 200 msec and a retinal focus diameter of 200 microns. The first pulse form (a) was characterized by an initial transient, lasting 15-20 msec, with a peak power twice that of the ensuing(More)
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