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This paper presents the results of a clinical investigation into middle divorce. The second of a two part series, it explores the impact of liminality: the "betwixt and between" state often found among a newly-separated of all ages. This state may occur at more than one point in the divorce process, and is associated with heightened trauma. A therapeutic(More)
This study generated and assessed an empirical taxonomy of symptom profiles or types in a nonclinical population. Three hundred and thirty men and women who recently had separated from their marital partners were interviewed and completed a variety of instruments. Cluster analysis of factors derived from one such instrument, a symptom checklist, yielded a(More)
A recognition of the importance of the spiritual dimension in recovery is evident among many substance abuse practitioners, particularly those with strong ties to 12-Step programs. This paper describes visualization techniques derived from Jungian principles, as a practical means for the recovery-oriented psychotherapist to foster a spiritual connection.(More)
This paper describes additional visualizations intended to foster the integration of the spiritual dimension into the treatment of addiction. An earlier paper described visualizations derived from Jungian principles, aiming particularly at calming, centering, and strengthening the spiritual connection. This paper focuses on work with feelings that arise in(More)
Examined the role of possible antecedents of psychological symptoms among 310 recently separated men and women. Hierarchical set regression analysis indicated that socio-demographic variables generally are unrelated to symptom expression, although age, gender, length of marriage, and length of separation did predict either agitated depressive or stress(More)
The literature suggests that those in the second half of life may be more vulnerable to the traumas associated with divorce. In this paper a rites of passage model derived from anthropology was used to help explicate their greater vulnerability. The focus was on liminality, a quality of ambiguity and disconnectedness in life often manifest when persons are(More)
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