S Kroske-Bystrom

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One hundred thirty-three strains of Aeromonas (human, n = 102; animal, n = 16; environmental, n = 15) previously identified to the DNA group level by molecular methods were biochemically analyzed for 58 properties. On the basis of the use of between 9 and 16 selected tests, 132 of the 133 strains (99%) could be assigned to their correct hybridization group(More)
The pathogenic characteristics of 35 Edwardsiella strains from clinical and environmental sources were investigated. Overall, most Edwardsiella tarda strains were invasive in HEp-2 cell monolayers, produced a cell-associated hemolysin and siderophores, and bound Congo red; many strains also expressed mannose-resistant hemagglutination against guinea pig(More)
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