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Technology scaling increases clock rates and die sizes; therefore, power dissipation is predicted to soon become the key limiting factor on the performance of single-chip designs. NoC as an efficient and scalable on-chip communication architecture for SoC architectures, enables integration of a large number of computational and storage blocks on a single(More)
This paper proposes a new optical network-on-chip which is scalable, low-power and high-performance. We design a centralized all-optical router which takes advantage of wavelength based structures. Our design achieves fully contention-free operation by utilizing path-based algorithms. By merging primary photonic switches and utilizing WDM technique, we(More)
This paper proposes a new feature extraction algorithm which is robust against noise using histogram compensation and asymmetric filter. Temporal masking is used to improve Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems specifically in matched and multi-style training conditions. Nonlinear filtering and temporal masking are used in the proposed algorithm. By(More)
Real-time video transmission is considered as an important means for information distribution. One major application of it is e-learning, which requires real-time video processing and transmission. On the other hand, the process of cut detection is a fundamental component in automatic video browsing, indexing, searching, retrieval, and archiving. This paper(More)
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