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We studied the adsorption of anaphylatoxins C3a and C5a on acrylonitrile (AN69) hollow-fiber (AN69HF) and plate (AN69P) dialyzers in 8 patients during 4-hour hemodialyses (HD). Blood passed first through a cuprophan dialyzer and then through AN69 dialyzers that were not in contact with dialysis fluid. Plasma C3a and C5a were measured in samples taken from(More)
Autologous IgG were separated from rabbit sera and radiolabeled to perform scintigraphy. The IgG separation was accomplished with fast protein liquid chromatography. IgG were directly labeled with 99mTc using stannous tartrate as reducing agent, sterilized with membrane filter and injected into rabbits. The method can be adopted for use in humans. It is(More)
To check whether in vivo EDTA prevents complement activation resulting from blood contact with the dialyzer membrane, sham hemodialysis (HD) was performed in seven healthy volunteers using Cuprophan hollow-fiber dialyzers. Blood samples were drawn from the arterial and venous blood lines of the dialyzer before and after EDTA was infused into the arterial(More)
Respiratory alkalosis, produced by mechanical ventilation, has been identified as a cause of hypoxemia, which improves when PaCO2 is normalized or increased. Moreover, moderate hypercapnia has been suggested for the treatment of acute respiratory failure (ARF) by the results observed in experimental animals. To correct the situation of hyperventilation one(More)
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