S. Kishor Ashok

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We develop a technique for computing expected numbers of vacua in Gaussian ensembles of supergravity theories, and apply it to derive an asymptotic formula for the index counting all flux supersymmetric vacua with signs in Calabi-Yau compactification of type IIb string theory, which becomes exact in the limit of a large number of fluxes. This should give a(More)
We construct fractional branes in Landau-Ginzburg orbifold categories and study their behavior under marginal closed string perturbations. This approach is shown to be more general than the rational boundary state construction. In particular we find new D-branes on the quintic – such as a single D0-brane – which are not restrictions of bundles on the(More)
We construct and analyze D-branes in superstring theories in even dimensions less than ten. The backgrounds under study are supersymmetric R × SL(2, R)k/U(1) where the level of the supercoset is tuned such as to provide bona fide string theory backgrounds. We provide exact boundary states for D-branes that are localized at the tip of the cigar SL(2, R)/U(1)(More)
We consider N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theories perturbed by tree level superpotential terms near isolated singular points in the Coulomb moduli space. We identify the Seiberg-Witten curve at these points with polynomial equations used to construct what Grothendieck called “dessins d’enfants” or “children’s drawings” on the Riemann sphere. From a(More)
We exhibit exact conformal field theory descriptions of SO(N) and Sp(N) pairs of Seiberg-dual gauge theories within string theory. The N = 1 gauge theories with flavour are realized as low energy limits of the worldvolume theories on D-branes in unoriented non-critical superstring backgrounds. These unoriented backgrounds are obtained by constructing exact(More)
A study was conducted to find out the genetic variation for salinity tolerance in rice and finger millet genotypes. Twenty finger millet and sixteen rice genotypes were screened for their tolerance/susceptibility against salinity under hydroponics in greenhouse conditions. Screening resulted in the identification of contrasting genotypes in both the crops.(More)
We clarify some aspects of the map between the c = 1 string theory at self-dual radius and the topologically twisted cigar at level one. We map the ZZ and FZZT D-branes in the c = 1 string theory at self dual radius to the localized and extended branes in the topological theory on the cigar. We show that the open string spectrum on the branes in the two(More)
  • S. Kishor Ashok, Richard Corrado, Nick Halmagyi, Kristian D. Kennaway, Christian Römelsberger
  • 2008
We apply the proposal of Dijkgraaf and Vafa to analyze N = 1 gauge theory with SO(N) and Sp(N) gauge groups with arbitrary tree-level superpotentials using matrix model techniques. We derive the planar and leading non-planar contributions to the large M SO(M) and Sp(M) matrix model free energy by applying the technology of higher-genus loop equations and by(More)
Strebel differentials are a special class of quadratic differentials with several applications in string theory. In this note we show that finding Strebel differentials with integral lengths is equivalent to finding generalized Argyres-Douglas singularities in the Coulomb moduli space of a U(N) N = 2 gauge theory with massive flavours. Using this relation,(More)