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This paper reports a new method for depositing lead zirconate titanate (PZT) piezoelectric thin films via thermal ink jet (TIJ) printing of a modified sol. Direct printing of PZT eliminates the need for photolithographic patterning and etching, as well as allows for controlled deposition over non-planar topographies which cannot be accomplished with(More)
A MEMS-scale nonlinear resonator for ultra wide-bandwidth (UWB) energy harvesting applications has been designed and fabricated. Ambient vibration with a varying frequency spectrum is converted directly to electricity via the piezoelectric effect. Unlike most energy harvesters reported, our design utilizes the tensile stretching strain in a doubly-anchored(More)
We focus here on the promising solutions to overcome thermal-induced erase failure of the unselected neighbor cell while a selected cell is being programmed to reset state with a high-current pulse. Our physical analysis directly demonstrate that this parasitic heating in Ge<inf>2</inf>Sb<inf>2</inf>Te<inf>5</inf> based cell leads to partial crystallization(More)
We demonstrate a new MMIC smart power amplifier, which consists of dual chain power amplifiers with a single matching network, the power added efficiency (PAE) of which, for 16 dBm output power, is as much as 21%, which represents more than a factor of three improvement of the PAE while satisfying all W-CDMA specifications. The power amplifier has been(More)
  • S. Kim
  • 2006 IEEE PES Power Systems Conference and…
  • 2006
The effectiveness of locational marginal pricing as a market signal for reserve supply is discussed on the basis of network constrained integrated energy and reserve market arrangement in this paper. Revenue recovery based on LMP is explored as an assessment tool in the presence of serious network outage. The model used in this paper solved by using DC-OPF.(More)
A highly efficient dual path power amplifier (PA) for IS-95 code division multiple access (CDMA) handset applications is proposed. A dual path PA consists of two different size PAs combined parallely with single input/output matching circuits. The dual path PA operates in two different modes, a high power mode and a low power mode (lower than 16 dBm). A(More)
In order to achieve dynamic random access memory (DRAM) with high density and high performance, abrupt scaling down of memory device is necessary. But lithography tool cannot follow up memory device scaling down. Double patterning technology (DPT) has been reported as a promising candidate to extend lithography limit [1, 2]. But DPT has a technical problem(More)
Fully integrated 512Mb DRAMs using HSG-merged-AHO cylinder capacitor were successfully developed for the first time. Improved electrical characteristics and retention time of HSG-merged-AHO capacitor DRAM was achieved without any capacitor-related leakage current failure in 110nm technology. This technology is expected to be extended to sub-100nm technology
This paper presents a new method to assemble individual nanostructures such as a single strand carbon nanotube (CNT) at a deterministic location of MEMS devices. An array of vertically aligned CNTs grown on nickel nano-dots was encapsulated into MEMS scale polymer blocks that were then transplanted to MEMS cantilevers to make CNT-tipped atomic force(More)
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