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We examined the effects of IVM duration on rates of Korean Native Cow (KNC) first polar body extrusion, embryo development and offspring. Cumulus oocytes complexes were cultured in vitro for up to 24h. Extrusion of the first polar body was highest at 16h. At selected times during IVM, oocytes were fertilized and in vitro development was compared to(More)
Chromosomal normality and sex were diagnosed in each blastomere of bovine embryos derived from in vitro fertilization (IVF). Bovine embryos developing to the 5- to 10-cell stage were separated into individual blastomeres with 0.5% protease. After treatment with 100 ng/mL vinblastine sulfate for 8 to 10 h, they were prepared for chromosome samples. In total,(More)
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