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This study investigates the use of relative clauses in French children's narrative monologues. Narrative texts were collected from French-speaking monolinguals in four age groups (five, seven, ten years and adults). Twenty subjects from each group were asked to tell a story based on a picture book consisting of twenty-four images without text (Frog, Where(More)
Stokes (2010) compared the lexicons of English-speaking late talkers (LT) with those of their typically developing (TD) peers on neighborhood density (ND) and word frequency (WF) characteristics and suggested that LTs employed learning strategies that differed from those of their TD peers. This research sought to explore the cross-linguistic validity of(More)
Phonetic complexity, as evidenced in speech production patterns, is based on congruence of production system, perceptual, and cognitive capacities in adult speakers. Pre-linguistic vocalization patterns in human infants afford the opportunity to consider first stages in emergence of this complex system. The production system forms a primary site for(More)
(2015). A framework for establishing biologically meaningful relationships between specific bacterial 16S rRNA sequence abundances and biotransformation rates. M. (2015). Biodiversity associates with the rates of micropollutant biotransformations among full-scale wastewater treatment plant communities.
L'harmonie consonantique est un phénomène courant dans les productions enfantines. La majorité des études antérieures portant sur ce type d'harmonie considère ce phénomène comme unifié. Or la diversité des patrons de productions nous a poussés à proposer la coexistence de deux phénomènes distincts que nous nommons harmonie consonantique de remplissage et(More)
  • F Bovet, G Suisse, +52 authors Simon-Guediri
  • 2005
L es IFDC sont l'adaptation françai-se des « MacArthur communicative development inventories » éla-borés et étalonnés sur une population d'enfants américains par Fenson [1]. Ils sont basés sur des questionnaires rem-plis par les parents qui décrivent le dé-veloppement communicatif, de l'appari-tion des premiers gestes à l'émergence de la grammaire en(More)