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Wildlife diseases are an increasing concern for endangered species conservation, but their occurrence, causes, and human influences are often unknown. We analyzed 3,939 records of stranded Hawaiian green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) over 28 years to understand fibropapillomatosis, a tumor-forming disease linked to a herpesvirus. Turtle size is a consistent(More)
The graduation of under-represented groups in the sciences and engineering has been a major concern for academia in the last twenty years, as the demand for these skills and knowledge continues to increase. The retention rate for this pool of students is roughly one-third compared to non-minority groups of about two-thirds. As a result, a variety of(More)
The career pathways of deans in higher education seem to follow the traditional model in academia from a senior faculty position and/or department chair. This however may be different from deans in engineering education. The goal of this survey research is to assess the career paths of current Deans of Colleges/Schools of Engineering in the United States.(More)
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