S. Keith Hargrove

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1 Tuskegee University, College of Engineering, Tuskegee, AL 36088 skharg@tusk.edu, lburge@tusk.edu. Abstract --The graduation of under-represented groups in the sciences and engineering has been a major concern for academia in the last twenty years, as the demand for these skills and knowledge continues to increase. The retention rate for this pool of(More)
Wildlife diseases are an increasing concern for endangered species conservation, but their occurrence, causes, and human influences are often unknown. We analyzed 3,939 records of stranded Hawaiian green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) over 28 years to understand fibropapillomatosis, a tumor-forming disease linked to a herpesvirus. Turtle size is a consistent(More)
Many sea turtle populations are at a fraction of their historical abundance, and understanding ecological processes, under current and climate change scenarios, is critical for establishing recovery goals. In the Hawaiian Islands, the nesting population of the green turtle Chelonia mydas on East Island, French Frigate Shoals, has been recovering at a rate(More)
With the recent surge in cyber attacks, there is a growing demand for effective security analytics tools. Though, there are advanced data collection techniques in the form of honeypots and malware collectors, the value of data are only as useful as the analysis technique used. One of the primary drawbacks of current security analytic tools is the lack of(More)
Recent technological advances have revolutionized the way humans interact with computers and the world around them. These technological advances have significantly changed science and engineering practices and it has become imperative to bring these changes into engineering classrooms. This paper presents the development of a Virtual and Augmented Reality(More)
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