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Sensor localization is a fundamental and crucial issue for wireless sensor networks operation and management. Accurate self-localization capability is highly desirable in wireless sensor network. A fundamental problem in distance-based sensor network localization is whether a given sensor network is uniquely localizable or not. Flip ambiguity is a main(More)
Multi-core architectures, which have multiple processing units on a single chip, are widely viewed as a way to achieve higher processor performance. Well scheduling of running threads on these processors will result in achieving higher performance. Modern multi-core systems are designed to allow clusters of cores to share various hardware structures, such(More)
As processing power becomes cheaper and more available by using cluster of computers, the needs for parallel algorithms, which can harness these computing potentials, are increasing. Automatic database normalization is an application of parallel algorithms. Normalization is the most exercised technique for the analysis of relational databases. It aims at(More)
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