S. Katie Moon

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Most successful control or eradication programs have been implemented in uninhabited regions, where little or no consideration of socio-political factors has been required. A considerable challenge for invasion scientists and decision-makers lies in controlling and eradicating species from inhabited regions, where challenges related to community stakeholder(More)
The food industry is vulnerable to climate change. Producers will need to adapt to climate change if they, and the communities dependent on them, are to remain viable. There are essentially two ways to adapt—incrementally and transformationally. We differentiate between incremental and transformative adaptation mostly on the basis of the size of the change(More)
Environmental governance aims to support positive ecological outcomes by establishing effective joint decision-making processes. Yet, complex environmental problems, such as invasive species management, often require urgent action under conditions of uncertainty. Establishing clear and workable environmental governance arrangements in these circumstances(More)
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