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We reviewed 87 patients who had undergone expansive cervical laminoplasty between 1999 and 2005. These were divided into two groups: those who had diabetes mellitus and those who did not. There were 31 patients in the diabetes group and 56 in the control group. Although a significant improvement in the Japanese Orthopaedic Association score was seen in both(More)
The sterility of the eustachian tube and tympanic cavity of normal individuals is maintained not only by the adaptive immune system, but also by the mucociliary system and the antimicrobial molecules of innate immunity. Mucin production and periciliary fluid homeostasis are essential for normal mucociliary function and dysfunction of this system is an(More)
Mistletoe lectins are of high biological activity and exert cytotoxic effects. We have previously shown that Korean mistletoe, Viscum album var. coloratum, lectin-II specifically induces apoptotic cell death in cancer cells, not normal lymphocytes. The destructive mechanism by mistletoe lectins on tumor cells was mediated by activation of c-JUN N-terminal(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the potential diagnostic value of dual-energy CT (DECT) with virtual non-enhanced (VNE) and iodine-only images, and to determine the optimal mixed ratio of blended images for evaluation of pancreatic diseases. METHODS Multiphasic DECT was performed in 44 patients with focal pancreatic disease. DECT was used during the pancreatic(More)
Mucous hypersecretion is a major complication of otitis media and can prolong the disease course and increase morbidity. Mucin, a major component of mucus, is a macromolecular complex of glycoprotein and makes mucus viscous. Lysozyme is a secretory element of the middle ear mucosa. which has a non-specific and innate antibacterial function. We attempted to(More)
Bioactivity is a property of the ceramic surface which induces biological integration of living soft and hard tissues. The core mechanism of bioactivity is surface biomineralization of calcium phosphate nanocrystallites on ceramics with specific compositions and structures, inspiring acellular and cellular strategies for bio-interactive materials with new(More)
Hwansodan has been used as a prescription for senile and vascular dementia in Oriental medicine. We investigated the neuroprotective effects of Hwansodan water extract on the apoptotic death of PC12 cells by serum deprivation. Hwansodan significantly rescued PC12 cells from apoptotic death by serum deprivation in a dose-dependent manner. The nuclear(More)
For the advanced study of the cell and molecular biology of middle ear mucosa, an in vitro cell culture system is required. Although middle ear epithelial cells have been cultured from various species of laboratory animal, there have been no reports concerning a serial subculture system of human middle ear epithelial cells. In this paper, we describe the(More)
Many variables affect the audiologic performance of cochlear implantees. With current methods of evaluation, it is difficult to directly compare auditory function with different speech coding strategies. We compared the audiologic performance directly with F0F1F2 and multipeak speech coding strategies in the same implanted ear of eight Korean cochlear(More)