S. Kashina

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BACKGROUND Recently, extracts from natural sources have been tested for their antifungal properties. In this aspect, Flammulina velutipes extracts possess a significant amount of branch-chained carbohydrates with mannose moieties that, hypothetically, can reduce the adhesion. OBJECTIVE In this study, we assessed the capacity of extracts from F. velutipes(More)
Extracts from submerged cultured mycelium of two strains of Flammulina velutipes, a popular culinary mushroom, were obtained by ultrasound and tested in vitro to determine their activity in innate immunity (monocytes/ macrophages). In addition, polyclonal antibodies against the extracts were produced. Both extracts have similar glycoproteins that contain(More)
The influence of vermin of immunity was studied in experiments on mice. This preparation was shown to have immunomodulating action. Of three doses under test (0.0025, 0.25 and 25 mg/kg), the preparation used in the first two doses exhibited immunostimulating action and in the third dose, immunosuppressing action. The realization of the immunotropic effects(More)
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