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A multiplex PCR (MPCR) assay was developed for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus using selected primers designated on the genus-specific gap gene, species-specific nuc gene and enterotoxin-producing EntC1 gene. The internal regions amplified had a product size of 933 bp, 273 bp and 531 bp, respectively. This MPCR assay had a sensitivity to detect 10(More)
In recent days terrorism poses a threat to homeland security. The major problem faced in network analysis is to automatically identify the key player who can maximally influence other nodes in a large relational covert network. The existing centrality based and graph theoretic approach are more concerned about the network structure rather than the node(More)
  • Mrs R Sridevi, S Karthika, Assistant Professor
  • 2014
-This paper presents a narrative key generation scheme using biometric methodology for providing high security over the internet applications such as VoIP technology. The present work deals with modern computing systems security issues, focusing on biometric based asymmetric key generation process. The term VoIP refers-“voice over internet protocol (IP)” in(More)
The homeland security has become a very significant consideration for all the Governments throughout the world. To improve the OPerational SECurity (OPSEC), multi relational graphs were introduced for Covert Network Analysis (CNA). In this paper, proposed SpyNetMiner system identifies the key players who maximally influence the covert network. Abnormality(More)
Security is the biggest challenge in MANET. MANET presents various types of security attacks on data exchanges taking place between source and destination. In this misbehavior detection schemes for conventional wireless networks has opposed black hole attack and malicious node occur routing, this proposed technique as a great challenges in networks. In this(More)
The future mobile communication system will be distinguished by high integration of services, flexibility and higher throughput. Thus, the rapid growth in traffic volume and increase in new services has begun to change the configuration and structure of wireless networks. In the past, WiMAX has gained lot of interest for providing broadband communication.(More)
IEEE 802.11ac is the fifth generation in Wi-Fi networking standard which will be a boom to the next generation wireless networks. It will bring fast, high quality video streaming and nearly instantaneous data syncing and backup to notebooks, tablets and mobile phones that have become our everyday companions co-existing with the other legacy 802.11(More)
In recent day's terrorism poses a threat to homeland security. It's highly motivated by the “net-war” where the extremist are organized in a network structure. The knowledge discovery process in network analysis has been done using supervised and unsupervised techniques which helps us to differentiate overt and covert nodes in a social(More)
The law enforcement analyst had a necessity for a new type of network analysis to understand the structure of the organization behind such brutal and well executed attacks so that experts could identify the involved key players. The network analysis which studies who is related to whom based on what relation called as Social Network Analysis (SNA) is(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a naïve methodology, IBeH, for detecting the community structure of the covert network. Unlike most of the existing methods, IBeH, considers the roles, contribution metric and similarity of the actor profiles. The proposed method computes the reciprocating factor among the actors using the contribution metric rather(More)