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The quenching of oscillations in interacting systems leads to several unwanted situations, which necessitate a suitable remedy to overcome the quenching. In this connection, this work addresses a mechanism that can resurrect oscillations in a typical situation. Through both numerical and analytical studies, we show that the candidate which is capable of(More)
The manual process of manufacturing the welding electrode takes more time and work. It also occupies more space for the control panel with the installation of PLC in the welding electrode manufacturing control panel the size of the panel is reduced to the great extent. It has reduced the cost of the panel and has increased the rate of the production. Here(More)
Snails and slugs became a serious molluscan pests and damaging leaves of purple compacta, Cordyline fruticosa extensively grown for export at Green Farm Ltd, Sri Lanka. The export quality of leaves of C. fruticosa is lowered due to feeding of snails, Achantina fulica (Bowditch), Opeas pyrgula Schmacker and Boettgerx and Helix aspersa Muller and slugs(More)
Spontaneous symmetry breaking is an important phenomenon observed in various fields including physics and biology. In this connection, we here show that the trade-off between attractive and repulsive couplings can induce spontaneous symmetry breaking in a homogeneous system of coupled oscillators. With a simple model of a system of two coupled Stuart-Landau(More)
In this work we have compared two indexing algorithms that have been used to index and retrieve Carnatic music songs. We have compared a modified algorithm of the Dual ternary indexing algorithm for music indexing and retrieval with the multi-key hashing indexing algorithm proposed by us. The modification in the dual ternary algorithm was essential to(More)
This paper proposes a novel soft-switched dc-dc circuit to provide a zero-voltage transition at turn on for a conventional pulse width-modulated boost converter in a power factor correction (PFC) application. The proposed circuit enables a main switch of the dc-dc converter to turn on under a zerovoltage switching condition and simultaneously achieves both(More)
Nanotechnology is the application of science to control matter at the molecular level. A nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter, or roughly the length of three atoms side by side. A nanoparticle is a microscopic particle with atleast one dimension less than 100 nm. The applilcation of nanoscale materials and structures, usually ranging from 1 to 100(More)
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