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In this article, the authors report on the development and testing of a set of indicators of quality of care in nursing homes, using resident-level assessment data. These quality indicators (QIs) have been developed to provide a foundation for both external and internal quality-assurance (QA) and quality-improvement activities. The authors describe the(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors examined the relationships between different types of nursing home staffing and nursing home deficiencies to test the hypothesis that fewer staff hours would be associated with higher numbers of deficiencies. METHODS Data were from the On-Line Survey, Certification, and Reporting System for all certified nursing homes in the United(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a method for risk adjusting nursing home quality indicators (QI's). The QI's measure incidence and prevalence of resident-level care processes and outcomes which are indicative of care quality. Risk adjustment was carried out by stratifying residents into risk groups (high and low), calculating QI rates within(More)
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