S Kannan

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To analyze the complexity of decision problems on graphs, one normally assumes that the input size is polynomial in the number of vertices. Galperin and Wigderson 13] and, later, Papadimitriou and Yannakakis 18] investigated the complexity of these problems when the input graph is represented by a polylogarithmically succinct circuit. They showed that,(More)
Computer systems are often monitored for performance evaluation and enhancement, debugging and testing, control or to check for the correctness of the system. Recently, the problem of designing monitors to check for the correctness of system implementation has received increased attention from the research community. Traditionally, verification has been(More)
We describe the Monitoring and Checking MaC framework which assures the correctness of the current execution at run-time. Monitoring is performed based on a formal speciication of system requirements. MaC bridges the gap between formal speciication and veriication, which ensures the correctness of a design rather than an implementation, and testing, which(More)
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