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A very rare case of primary carcinoid tumor in the left ear of a 35-year-old woman is described. The argyrophilic property and uniformity of the size and shape of neurosecretory granules in the cytoplasm of tumor cells, correspond to the characteristics of carcinoid tumors derived from foregut endoderm. Clinical and light microscopic observations suggest(More)
Voice therapy is often most effective for treating patients with vocal cord polyp, polypoid degeneration and singer's nodule. However, little is known about the total speaking times in 1 day, the ratio of speech per hour and the sound level during speech, in individual patients. If these parameters can be readily detected, it could be clarified as to how(More)
The clinical effect of cefsulodin (CFS) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in otorhinolaryngology was studied in 10 patients. The overall clinical effectiveness was 80% (excellent 2, good 6, poor 2). Eradication rates of P. aeruginosa was 60%. No side effect and positive skin test were found in any cases. Examination of laboratory data before and after(More)
Spastic dysphonia is a disorder of phonation which is characterized by a strained, creaking, and choked vocal attack, a tense and squeezed voice sound. Spastic dysphonia in a functional voice disorder can be classified into two types from the viewpoint of activities of the extrinsic and intrinsic laryngeal muscle groups. A functional voice disorder(More)
The clinical effectiveness and safety of cefotiam (CTM) in infectious diseases in the field of otorhinolaryngology was evaluated from 30 patients (otitis media 18, pharyngeal infection 4, chronic paranasal sinusitis 1, esophagitis 1, acute bronchitis 1, others 4). Side effect (fever, nausea) was found in a 14 years old male patient. Skin test revealed(More)
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