S. Kannadhasan

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For radiotherapy of para-aortic and abdominal regions in male patients, gonads are to be protected to receive less than 2% of the prescribed dose. A testicular shield was fabricated for abdominal radiotherapy with 15 MV X-rays ((Clinac 2300 CD, Varian AG) with low melting point alloy (Cerroband). The dimensions of the testicular shield were 6.5 cm diameter(More)
Satellite images are being used in numerous fields of aspects. The major controversy of various types of images is their resolution. In this paper, proposed a new satellite image resolution enhancement technique based on the interpolation of the high frequency sub bands obtained by discrete wavelet transform and the input image. The proposed declaration(More)
Natural image statistics plays an important role in image denoising and various natural image priors, including gradient-based have been widely studied and exploited for noise removal. Image denoising aims to estimate the latent clean image from its noisy observation .We apply the pre-processing method using histogram equalization. In our project we propose(More)
OFDM Signal combines the multiple symbol representations method with a signal clipping method using a new hybrid PAPR reduction technique. The amplitude of the signal is limited to the threshold value using clipping method which considering the signal must be interpolated before A/D conversion and also different filtering technique has been proposed. The(More)
Energy efficiency in wireless sensor network [WSN] is the highly important role for the researchers. Transmission power control is a highly powerful technique for minimize the interference and energy consumption in wireless sensor networks. Wireless Sensor Networks have many nodes are connected to the network to calculate the network performance like(More)
This paper describes the initial experience of quality assurance (QA) tests performed on the millennium multi-leaf collimator (mMLC) for clinical implementation of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) using sliding window technique. The various QA tests verified the mechanical and dosimetric stability of the mMLC of linear accelerator when operated in(More)
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