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Energy efficiency in wireless sensor network [WSN] is the highly important role for the researchers. Transmission power control is a highly powerful technique for minimize the interference and energy consumption in wireless sensor networks. Wireless Sensor Networks have many nodes are connected to the network to calculate the network performance like(More)
OFDM Signal combines the multiple symbol representations method with a signal clipping method using a new hybrid PAPR reduction technique. The amplitude of the signal is limited to the threshold value using clipping method which considering the signal must be interpolated before A/D conversion and also different filtering technique has been proposed. The(More)
Energy Efficiency is important role of the Wireless Sensor Networks Researchers. The Energy Efficiency is one of the roles where the data is transmitted to the base station. Energy Techniques is used to improve the reliability of a link. When the data is transmitted communicates to the nodes at exact power to the clustering technique algorithm using graph(More)
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