S Kankaanranta

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Tolterodine ((R)-N,N-diisopropyl-3-(2-hydroxy-5-methyl-phenyl)-3-phenylpropanamine, CAS 124937-51-5) is an antimuscarinic agent developed specifically for the treatment of the overactive bladder. In this study, the pharmacokinetics of tolterodine were investigated in the mouse, rat and dog, following which allometric scaling was performed to predict oral(More)
An endoprotease converting the dynorphins and alpha-neoendorphin has been purified to apparent homogeneity from soluble extracts of human choroid plexus. The purified enzyme was stained as a single band after sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis with an apparent molecular weight of around 54,000 Da. The enzyme potently cleaves(More)
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