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In many biological and other scientific applications, predictors are often naturally grouped. For example, in biological applications, assayed genes or proteins are grouped by biological roles or biological pathways. When studying the dependence of survival outcome on these grouped predictors, it is desirable to select variables at both the group level and(More)
Novel cermet (i.e., ceramic-metal composite) membranes have been developed for separating hydrogen from product streams that are generated during coal gasification, methane partial oxidation, and watergas shift reactions. The hydrogen permeation rate in the temperature range of 600-900°C has been measured for three classes (ANL-1, -2, and -3) of cermet(More)
Understanding airflow patterns in greenhouses is essential for developing optimal natural ventilation systems. Experiments of air velocity distributions in the vertical and horizontal planes were conducted in a large multi-span greenhouse using a customized multi-point, two-dimensional sonic anemometer system. The experimental results showed that the(More)
The deployment of the new technology of gas-liquid compact separators such as Gas Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone (GLCC) requires dedicated control systems for field applications. The control strategy implementation is crucial for process optimization and adaptation, especially when GLCCs are operated at wide range of liquid and gas flow conditions. In this(More)
p T e 2 r t g c i bstract his study evaluated the clinical efficacy of 2% hlorhexidine (CHX) gel on intracanal bacteria reducion during root canal instrumentation. The additional ntibacterial effect of an intracanal dressing (Ca[OH]2 ixed with 2% CHX gel) was also assessed. Forty-three atients with apical periodontitis were recruited. Four atients with(More)
Reported is a study of applying nanofabrication technology to improve the surface roughness of micro glass pipettes to achieve giga ohm seal resistance in patch clamping processes. The surface roughness of pipette tips was first measured by 3D reconstruction of pipette tips using stereo imaging technique based on high resolution SEM images. Both the SEM(More)
Vigna angularis, also called adzuki bean, a member of the family Fabaceae, has long been cultivated in Asian countries. This legume has received considerable attention owing to the presence of polyphenols. The optimal extraction conditions for total polyphenols from V. angularis and their antioxidant activities were investigated in this study.(More)
Hard exclusive electroproduction of ω mesons is studied with the HERMES spectrometer at the DESY laboratory by scattering 27.6 GeV positron and electron beams off a transversely polarized hydrogen target. The amplitudes of five azimuthal modulations of the single-spin asymmetry of the cross section with respect to the transverse proton polarization are(More)
Low volume wells yield a meaningful percentage of the crude oil and natural gas produced in the U.S. During 2003, about 29 percent of the crude oil and more than 10 percent of the natural gas was attributable to marginal wells. Moreover, more than two-thirds of the wells in the United States are marginal. The value of marginal well production simply cannot(More)