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Electricity consumer dishonesty is a problem faced by all power utilities. Finding efficient measurements for detecting fraudulent electricity consumption has been an active research area in recent years. This paper presents a new approach towards Non-Technical Loss (NTL) analysis for electric utilities using a novel intelligence-based technique, Support(More)
Artificial immune system (AIS) is one of the nature-inspired algorithm for optimization problem. In AIS, clonal selection algorithm (CSA) is able to improve global searching ability. However, the CSA convergence and accuracy can be further improved because the hypermutation in CSA itself cannot always guarantee a better solution. Alternatively, Genetic(More)
The need for efficient detection of Dual-tone Multifrequency (DTMF) tones for developing telecommunication equipment is justifiable. This paper presents an artificial intelligence based approach for efficient detection of DTMF tones under the influence of White Gaussian Noise (WGN) and frequency variation, using Support Vector Machines (SVM). Additive WGN(More)
In this paper, stochastic leader gravitational search algorithm (SL-GSA) based on randomized k is proposed. Standard GSA (SGSA) utilizes the best agents without any randomization, thus it is more prone to converge at suboptimal results. Initially, the new approach randomly choses k agents from the set of all agents to improve the global search ability.(More)
Lately, the field of Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) has attracted wide attention among researchers as the algorithm is able to improve local searching ability and efficiency. However, the rate of convergence for AIS is rather slow as compared to other Evolutionary Algorithms. Alternatively, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) has been used effectively in(More)
An experience oriented-convergence improved gravitational search algorithm (ECGSA) based on two new modifications, searching through the best experiments and using of a dynamic gravitational damping coefficient (α), is introduced in this paper. ECGSA saves its best fitness function evaluations and uses those as the agents' positions in searching process. In(More)
The beam forming technique is important in smart antenna systems to enhance the data rates, null steering and coverage. This study presents two methods of beamformeing algorithm; Minimum Variance Distortion less Response (MVDR) and Linear Constraint Minimum Variance (LCMV). MVDR and LCMV techniques form radiation beams based on the received weight vector of(More)
In this paper, a crossover factor, f<sub>TIG</sub> is introduced to the Finite Persisting Sphere Genetic Algorithm (FPSGA). The factor provides a variable range of the loop in the process of Finite Persisting Sphere. By the existing of the variable range, the risk to have too large number of loop or too small number of loop in the FPSGA can be reduced. Too(More)