S. K. Soni

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Organic field experiments were conducted (2007–09) for the medicinal plant Coleus forskohlii with different doses of vermicompost to minimize the root-rot disease incidence and increase the growth and yield. The use of vermicompost significantly increased the growth parameters in general but the maximum plant height, plant spread and number of branches(More)
Root rot and wilt, caused by a complex involving Fusarium chlamydosporum (Frag. and Cif.) and Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith), are serious diseases affecting the cultivation of Coleus forskohlii, a crop with economic potential as a source of the medicinal compound forskolin. The present 2-year field experiments were conducted with two bioinoculants (a native(More)
An assessment of roles of rhizospheric microbial diversity in plant growth is helpful in understanding plant-microbe interactions. Using random combinations of rhizospheric bacterial species at different richness levels, we analysed the contribution of species richness, compositions, interactions and identity on soil microbial respiration and plant biomass.(More)
In this paper we describe techniques to use SPDY and HTTP network resources optimally for testing purposes with limited resources such as RAM. We demonstrate how to overcome the system limitations of network analysis tools such as the 64K limit on connections. Our enhancements include modifications to the spdycat SPDY tool to generate the loads for a higher(More)
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