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3 High-accuracy schemes have been proposed here to solve computational acoustics 4 and DNS problems. This is made possible for spatial discretization by optimizing 5 explicit and compact differencing procedures that minimize numerical error in the 6 spectral plane. While zero-diffusion nine point explicit scheme has been proposed 7 for the interior,(More)
We measured the real part of ac conductance Σ(x,f) or Σ(T,f) of iron-doped mixed-valent polycrystalline manganite oxides LaMn(1-x)Fe(x)O(3) as a function of frequency f by varying initial conductance Σ(0) by quenched disorder x at a fixed temperature T (room) and by temperature T at a fixed quenched disorder x. At a fixed temperature T, Σ(x,f) of a sample(More)
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