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OBJECTIVES To report the incidence of transition zone (TZ) cancer in patients undergoing transperineal template-guided mapping biopsy (TTMB) of the prostate gland. METHODS Five hundred thirty-nine consecutive patients underwent TTMB by means of an anatomic technique with sampling of 24 defined prostate regions. The position of each biopsy core was(More)
Wheat is the second major staple crop, after rice, in India and Pakistan and is also gaining similar importance in Nepal and Bangladesh. Wheat production in South Asia has increased from 15 mt in 1960s to 95.5 mt during 2004–2005. It still needs to grow at the rate of 2–2.5% annually until the middle of 21st century. However, for India, recent estimations(More)
A plant quaternary alkaloid Δ3-alstovenine inhibited the spore germination of most of the fungi tested at concentration of 250–1000 mg/L. Saprophytic and biotrophic fungi were equally sensitive to the alkaloid.Cercospora sp. was the most sensitive as 100% inhibition of spore germination was observed at 250 mg/L.Alternaria species,Curvularia species(More)
In vitro proliferated shoot culture of six grape genotypes (Vitis vinifera L.) were screened for tolerance to NaCl (0 to 200 mM). The cv. Perlette was found to tolerate 175 mM NaCl followed by cvs. Pusa Seedless and Beauty Seedless 150 mM NaCl. Na, K, Cl, Ca and Mg content increased upto 100 mM NaCl in most of the genotypes. Total sugar and proline content(More)
Kinnow peel, a waste rich in glycosylated phenolic substances, is the principal by-product of the citrus fruit processing industry and its disposal is becoming a major problem. This peel is rich in naringin and may be used for rhamnose production by utilizing α-L-rhamnosidase (EC, an enzyme that catalyzes the cleavage of terminal rhamnosyl groups(More)
A trial using albendazole, albendazole plus rafoxanide combination, ivermectin and doramectin was conducted in Pashmina goats having history of fenbendazole resistance to Haemonchus spp. and maintained at high altitude (>2350 m above sea level). Day 0 infection level was variable in different groups of animals and their larval cultures indicated Haemonchus,(More)
Recently, information technology and computer-based information systems have emerged as key determinants of organizational effectiveness and competitiveness. However, organizations vary considerably in their ability to utilize information technologies. Having to deal with unfamiliar information and communication technologies that are advancing at an(More)
This article introduces the concept of planning in an interactive environment between two systems: the challenger and the responder. The responder's task is to produce behavior that relates to the challenger's behavior through some response function. In this setup, we concentrate planning on the responder's actions and use the produced plan in order to(More)