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The registration of multi-modal medical image data is important in the fields of image guided surgery and computer aided medical diagnosis. Registration accuracy is of utmost importance in both fields, however in the former, the speed of registration is equally important. In this paper, we present a point-based 'fast' non-rigid registration algorithm which(More)
The problem of estimating the 3D shape of human faces from single images is of great interest and has attracted considerable research effort. Many approaches recently proposed to solve this problem could be considered extensions of Shape-from-Shading (SFS) methods, where a 3D shape is optimized to generate 2D renderings that match the input images [1, 5,(More)
Traditional flat classification methods ( e.g. , binary or multi-class classification) neglect the structural information between different classes. In contrast, Hierarchical Multi-label Classification (HMC) considers the structural information embedded in the class hierarchy, and uses it to improve classification performance. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Renewable Energy sources are increasing their share in Distribution Generation System (DGS). The diversified sources of power generation can cause many Power Quality (PQ) problems. The need to monitor these changes is becoming paramount. The different level of voltage levels is also becoming a major area of interest. As the photovoltaic (PV) system consists(More)
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