S. K. Pillai

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This paper describes the design and development of a novel controller for a non-linear power electronic converter. Neuro-Fuzzy controller is proposed to improve the performance of the buck &boost converters. The duty cycle of the buck & boost converters are controlled by NeuroFuzzy controller. The conventional PI controllers for such converters, designed(More)
During the last few decades software effort estimation has got the attention of many software engineering researchers both in academia and industry to develop new models. Recently Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) is being applied to many problems where feed forward neural networks are used. It has not been applied for small projects. The performance of ELM is(More)
This paper evaluates the performance of three neural network models, namely, Radial Basis Function, General Regression, and Extreme Learning Machine, as applied to the problem of software development effort estimation. Unlike the conventional back propagation algorithm, these three neural network models provide output from the input in a single pass. Their(More)
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