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In the present work, two different types of artificial neural network (ANN) architectures viz. back propagation neural network (BPNN) and radial basis function network (RBFN) have been used in an attempt to predict flank wear in drills. Flank wear in drill depends upon speed, feed rate, drill diameter and hence these parameters along with other derived(More)
  • S. K. Pal
  • 2007 International Conference on Computing…
  • 2007
The symmetric, orthogonal and self-inverting properties of Hadamard matrices make them useful for a number of present day applications. In addition, the binary nature of elements of the basis vectors helps in the design of efficient algorithms for coding, compression and security of digital media together with their compact hardware realization. This paper(More)
Bioleaching of uranium was carried out with Turamdih ore sample procured from Uranium Corporation of India Limited, Jaduguda. The bacterial strain that was used in the leaching experiments was isolated from the Jaduguda mine water sample. Efficiency of bioleaching was studied by varying parameters like pulp density and initial ferrous concentration as(More)
Thyroid function viz. estimation of T(3), T(4) & TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) were studied in cases of depression, mania and schizophrenia, each category numbering thirty one. These values were compared with corresponding values estimated in norm.al control group of individuals of identical age, sex and socio economic status. The depressives and(More)
Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a technique widely used to monitor volumetric blood changes induced by cardiac pulsations. Pulse oximetry uses the technique of PPG to estimate arterial oxygen saturation values ( $$\hbox{SpO}_2$$ ). In poorly perfused tissues, $$\hbox{SpO}_2$$ readings may be compromised due to the poor quality of the PPG signals. A multimode(More)
Studies on thyroid functions were performed on patients suffering from depression and compared with normal control group. 31 different cases of depression were studied for their thyroid function andshowed a diminished level of T(3) and T(4) with a concomitant rise in TSH level. When the female population of these 31 cases was compared with their male(More)
Histogram equalisation has been a much sought-after technique for improving the contrast of an image, which however leads to an over enhancement of the image, giving it an unnatural and degraded appearance. In this framework, a generalised contrast enhancement algorithm is proposed which is independent of parameter setting for a given dynamic range of the(More)
If the total energy of a radio flare is known, one can estimate the mass accretion rate of the disk by assuming equipartition of magnetic energy and the gravitational potential energy of accreting matter. We present here an example of how such an estimate could be done. Our recent radio observation using the Giant Meter Radio Telescope (GMRT) of the(More)