S. K. Mohammadi

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In this paper, we propose an efficient routing algorithm for large scale cluster-based wireless sensor networks. The technique uses two routing levels. In the first level (intra-cluster), cluster members send data directly to their cluster head. In the second level (inter-cluster), the cluster heads use ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm, which is a(More)
With the increasing rate of power consumption, many new distribution systems need to be constructed to accommodate connecting new consumers to the power grid. On the other hand, the increasing penetration of renewable distributed generation (DG) resources into the distribution systems and the significance of their optimal placement in the network can(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient centralized clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks. The algorithm which organizes the sensors into clusters uses memetic algorithm to determine cluster heads and sizes. Memetic algorithms which are similar to genetic algorithms are population-based heuristic search approaches for optimization problems. To(More)
In this paper, the digital core of a low power RFID chip based on the EPC Gen 2 protocol is presented. EPC class 1 generation 2 is the most acceptable and comprehensive passive RFID protocol today. The novel dual mode architecture enables the chip to work in passive and battery-assisted modes controlled by reader. Several low power techniques are employed(More)
Decomposition of programs into concurrent tasks and scheduling them among computational recourses are two major problems in hardware and software developments of multiprocessor systems. This paper presents a novel homogeneous multiprocessor architecture, in which a hardware core performs these two jobs at run-time using genetic algorithm. This core looks(More)
Rapid increasing in the number of cores in a chip demands more memory bandwidth. Memory request pass hops to reach memory controllers. Therefore, memory controllers can be one of the main sources of contention on the chip. In this paper, first, we demonstrate that fewer channels load in the network does not always imply less average latency, thus, we(More)
The design validation of large VLSI systems as the most computer-intensive task in the entire design cycle makes hardware simulators the most important CAD tools. Designers are aware of the high price of current simulators. Many of them either have a DBMS on their own machine or can connect to one of them via the network. However, designers have not(More)
In cloud computing environments, context information is continuously created by context providers and consumed by the applications on mobile devices. An important characteristic of cloud-based context aware services is meeting the service level agreements (SLAs) to deliver a certain quality of service (Qos), such as guarantees on response time or price. The(More)
This model takes advantage of output selection based on congestion condition of neighboring switches and input selection based on weighted round robin algorithm which allows packets to be serviced from each input port according to its congestion status that generated by congestion aware routing selection (CARS) module. The proposed algorithm is fair and(More)
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