S K Mercker

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Despite major advances in knowledge and development of efficient techniques for pain control, many patients on surgical wards suffer from modest to severe pain following surgery or trauma. Therefore, in the University Hospital of Kiel, Germany, an anaesthesiology-based acute pain service (APS) was started in 1985 to improve this situation. Organization of(More)
The heparin neutralizing properties of protamine chloride on conventional heparin (porcine mucosa) and on low molecular weight heparin (Kabi 2165) were studied in vitro. Protamine chloride neutralized 99% of the delaying effect of conventional heparin on the activated partial thromboplastin time, whereas only 70% of the effect of low molecular weight(More)
Epidural analgesia is a very efficient method of postoperative pain management. Nevertheless, problems such as unilateral analgesia, sensory loss and inadequate pain relief are often difficult to handle. Radiologic evaluation of the position of the catheter and the spread of radiopaque dye (epidurography) is an important advance toward a solution of these(More)
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