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Spline generated surface Laplacian temporal wave forms are presented as a method to improve both spatial and temporal resolution of evoked EEG responses. Middle latency and the N1 components of the auditory evoked response were used to compare potential-based methods with surface Laplacian methods in the time domain. Results indicate that surface Laplacians(More)
A study of skull thickness and resistivity variations over the upper surface was made for an adult human skull. Physical measurements of thickness and qualitative analysis of photographs and CT scans of the skull were performed to determine internal and external features of the skull. Resistivity measurements were made using the four-electrode method and(More)
Spline generated surface Laplacians are introduced as an effective method for estimating neocortical source activity at moderate scales. The method appears to be robust to the unavoidable perturbations of measured potentials and errors of head geometry and resistivity that are certain to occur in clinical or research settings. In particular, we have derived(More)
A "picture book" of surface potentials, Laplacians, and magnetic fields due to distributed, neocortical sources is presented. The mathematically simulated data is based on 4200 current sources at the macrocolumn scale. Estimated scalp surface maps are based on the three-concentic spheres model of the head. Emphasis is placed on the effects of sampling with(More)
A three dimensional digitizer was used to locate 62 positions on an electrode cap placed on the heads of nine subjects. Nonlinear regression methods were used to obtain the best fit sphere, ellipsoid, and perturbed ellipsoid. RMS errors varied from approximately 1 cm to 2 mm, depending on subject and surface chosen. The spherical coordinates of the standard(More)
Gametocyte maturation in Plasmodium falciparum is a critical step in the transmission of malaria. While the majority of parasites proliferate asexually in red blood cells, a small fraction of parasites undergo sexual conversion and mature over 2 weeks to become competent for transmission to a mosquito vector. Immature gametocytes sequester in deep tissues(More)
An interdisciplinary approach is applied toward the development of methods to improve spatial resolution of brain electrical activity. Methods to interpolate the potential distribution and to estimate the surface Laplacian from multi-channel data are presented and applied to human evoked potential data. Although developed for electroencephalographic (EEG)(More)
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