S. K. Lau

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The flavoprotein medium-chain acyl coenzyme A (acyl-CoA) dehydrogenase from pig kidney exhibits an intrinsic hydratase activity toward crotonyl-CoA yielding L-3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA. The maximal turnover number of about 0.5 min-1 is 500-1000-fold slower than the dehydrogenation of butyryl-CoA using electron-transferring flavoprotein as terminal acceptor.(More)
INTRODUCTION Mycotic aneurysms account for a small proportion of all aneurysms. Escherichia coli a gram-negative organism, is recognised as a rare cause of aortic aneurysm. We report two cases of mycotic aneurysm caused by the same strain of multi-resistant Escherichia coli. The purpose of this case report is to highlight the possibility that this strain(More)
Astrocytes are key participants in various aspects of brain development and function, many of which are executed via secreted proteins. Defects in astrocyte signaling are implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by abnormal neural circuitry such as Fragile X syndrome (FXS). In animal models of FXS, the loss in expression of the Fragile X(More)
The preproenkephalin (PPeK) and preprotachykinin (PPT) mRNA contents in 3-, 10- and 23-month-old rats in the striatum were measured by solution hybridization-RNase protection assay after 3 weeks of haloperidol injection. Haloperidol increased striatal PPek mRNA. There was no age-related difference in the response of striatal PPeK mRNA to chronic haloperidol(More)
By solution-hybridization-RNase protection assay, the preproenkephalin (PPek) mRNA in the anterior pituitary (AL) of male rats was found to decrease by 42% after 3 weeks haloperidol treatment. It is concluded that dopamine may stimulate the AL enkephalinergic system at the level of gene expression.
1. Haloperidol increased the Met-enk level in the striatum at all age groups. However, the Met-enk level was decreased in AL of young and middle-aged rats by the drug. 2. Haloperidol elevated the beta-end level in AL and CCK level in NIL in young rats only. 3. The SP content in NIL was decreased by haloperidol in all age groups. 4. With regard to the effect(More)
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