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We develop a model in which cognitive and affective trust in the leader mediate the relationship between leader behavior and team psychological states that, in turn, drive team performance. The model is tested on a sample of 191 financial services teams in Hong Kong and the U.S. Servant leadership influenced team performance through affect-based trust and(More)
The relationship between perceived participative decision making and employee performance was examined in matched samples of employees from the Hong Kong and U.S. branches of one organization. Self-efficacy in regard to participating in decisions and idiocentrism moderated the relationship between perceived participative decision making opportunity and(More)
In treating thoracic aortic diseases, endovascular repair involves the placement of a self-expanding stent-graft system across the diseased thoracic aorta. Computational fluid dynamic techniques are applied to model the blood flow by numerically solving the three-dimensional continuity equation and the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations for an(More)
The authors investigated the relationship between transformational leadership behavior and group performance in 218 financial services teams that were branches of a bank in Hong Kong and the United States. Transformational leadership influenced team performance through the mediating effect of team potency. The effect of transformational leadership on team(More)
This study examined the relationships among psychological contract breaches, organizational commitment, and innovation-related behaviors (generating, spreading, implementing innovative ideas at work) over a 6-month period. Results indicate that the effects of psychological contract breaches on employees are not static. Specifically, perceptions of(More)
Endovascular aortic stent-graft is a new, minimally invasive procedure for treating thoracic aortic diseases, and has quickly evolved to be one of the standard treatments subject to anatomic constraints. This procedure involves the placement of a self-expanding stent-graft system in a high-flow thoracic aorta. Stent-graft deployment in the thoracic aorta,(More)
This study examines how traditionality influences the relationships between job stressors and health. A sample of 496 Chinese employees provided longitudinal questionnaire data, and their health was assessed by collecting blood samples and monitoring blood pressure. The results indicated that the positive relationship between job control and health was(More)
This study investigated the e€ect of a process versus a results focus as well as a group versus individual-based approach to performance appraisals. Four experimental conditions were investigated, with dependent variables of appraisal satisfaction, perceived accuracy of the performance appraisal, expectations of performance improvement, and actual(More)
This study examined the effects of performance appraisal feedback on job and organizational attitudes of tellers (N = 329) in a large international bank. Negative affectivity moderated the link between favorable appraisal feedback and job attitudes. Among the higher rated performers, attitudes were improved 1 month after being notified of favorable(More)