S. K. Kwan

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In this paper we propose a novel and fast nonlinear association measure based on order statistics and rearrangement inequality. We employ one episode of heart signal, one episode of EEG signal and 1000 white Gaussian noises in our study. Extensive statistical analysis are performed based on one linear model and one nonlinear model. Comparative studies with(More)
Information security and assurance are new frontiers for collaborative design. In this context, information assurance (IA) refers to methodologies to protect engineering information by ensuring its availability, confidentiality, integrity, nonrepudiation, authentica-tion, access control, etc. In collaborative design, IA techniques are needed to protect(More)
Feature recognition is a discipline focusing on the design and implementation of algorithms for detecting manufacturing information such as holes, slots, etc. in a solid model. Automated feature recognition has been an active research area in solid modeling for many years, and is considered to be a critical component for CAD/CAM integration. This paper(More)
Simulating rare events in telecommunication networks such as estimation for cell loss probability in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks requires a major simulation effort due to the slight chance of buffer overflow. Importance Sampling (IS) is applied to accelerate the occurrence of rare events. Importance Sampling depends on a biasing scheme to make(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical test model and automated test framework for robot software components of RTC(Robot Technology Component) combined with hardware module. The hierarchical test model consists of three levels of testing based on V-model : unit test, integration test, and system test. The automated test framework incorporates four components(More)
This paper considers the MAP/G/1 queue under-policy with a single vacation R and setup. We derive the vector generating functions of the queue length at an arbitrary time and at departures in decomposed forms. We also derive the Laplace-Stieltjes transform of the waiting time. Computation algorithms for mean performance measures are provided.