S. K. Kulshreshtha

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Pre-eclampsia is the most common medical complication of pregnancy associated with increased maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. Its exact etiology is not known, although several evidences indicate that various elements might play an important role in pre-eclampsia. This study was carried out to analyze and to compare the concentration of calcium,(More)
Diarrhea is, in reality, as much a nutritional disease as one of fluid and electrolyte loss. Children who die from diarrhea, despite good management of dehydration, are usually malnourished and often severely so. In this study, we determined the serum levels of zinc and copper before and after standard oral rehydration solution (ORS) therapy in children(More)
The effectiveness and success of antitubercular therapy is mainly measured by identifying the organism in sputum. In certain patients, especially in geriatric patients, available tuberculosis tests are not satisfactory and do not provide enough information on the effectiveness of antitubercular therapy, as the symptoms might be confused with the existing(More)
Nanoparticles of Eu(3+) doped Y(2)O(3) (core) and Eu(3+) doped Y(2)O(3) covered with Y(2)O(3) shell (core-shell) are prepared by urea hydrolysis for 3 h in ethylene glycol medium at a relatively low temperature of 140 °C, followed by heating at 500 and 900 °C. Particle sizes determined from x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopic studies are(More)
The electric field correlation function of light scattered from a polydispersed population of spherical particles having log-normal distribution with varying polydispersity is simulated. The correlation function with different polydispersity is compared with the method of cumulants over a wide range of correlation time. The large positive deviation of the(More)
The growth behavior of aggregates formed in aqueous solutions of the anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) in the presence of the cationic hydrophobic salts o-toluidine hydrochloride (OTHC) and m-toluidine hydrochloride (MTHC) has been studied by dynamic light scattering (DLS) and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) techniques. DLS studies(More)
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a universal problem of women of reproductive age group. No satisfactory treatment is available to treat this syndrome till date. Sixty female patients with PMS in age group of 20-45 years were interviewed. A detailed history and 20 premenstrual symptoms were included for making the diagnosis of PMS. Premenstrual symptom score(More)
The geometric and electronic structures of Si(n), Si(n) (+), and AlSi(n-1) clusters (2< or =n< or =13) have been investigated using the ab initio molecular orbital theory under the density functional theory formalism. The hybrid exchange-correlation energy function (B3LYP) and a standard split-valence basis set with polarization functions [6-31G(d)] were(More)
Tuberculosis is a global problem especially in children, more so because of the difficulty in the diagnosis of the disease. There are about 0.5 million deaths every year by this disease, worldwide. There are some reports that, during the disease, there are changes in serum concentrations of zinc and copper, which reach towards normal levels during(More)
A novel effect of any oxide particle/intermetallics enhancing hydrogen generation from water as compared to water alone when subjected to ultrasonic irradiation is reported here. Addition of methanol to water or decrease in particle size also improved the hydrogen yield. Hydrogen generation from water was further enhanced by the presence of both methanol(More)