S. K. Kashyap

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Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is caused by a Morbillivirus that belongs to the family Paramyxoviridae. PPR is an acute, highly contagious and fatal disease primarily affecting goats and sheep, whereas cattle undergo sub-clinical infection. With morbidity and mortality rates that can be as high as 90%, PPR is classified as an OIE (Office International des(More)
A key issue in the research of an autonomous mobile robot is the design and development of an intelligent controller which can control and enables the robot to navigate in a real world environment, avoiding structured and unstructured obstacles especially in crowded and unpredictably changing environment, whether it is in land, underground, under water, on(More)
The effects of noise and heat on the efficiency of human performance of psychomotor tasks at variable difficulty levels were investigated. Twenty four young, healthy volunteers with normal hearing, randomly divided into 4 equal sized groups, were tested in a climatic chamber under 4 combinations of two environmental conditions made up of noise and heat,(More)
The helicases are motor proteins participating in a range of nucleic acid metabolisms. RNA helicase families are characterized by the presence of conserved motifs. This article reports a comprehensive in silico analysis of Bos taurus DExH/D helicase members. Bovine helicases were identified using the helicase domain sequences including 38 DDX (DEAD box) and(More)
In recent Iireranrre CI derivarivefree Kalman .filter (D F U) a merhod thar propagates mean and covariance using non-linear lransformaiioiz is freqvent~~ used. In this paper i) facrorized versiun uf EKF (VD &tended Kalman Filter or UDEKF) and ii) DFKF are studied and evaluated using various sets of' simulared data of the non-linear sysslems. Seusirivif?.(More)
To determine the interaction effect of illumination with noise performance data were recorded from 20 male college student volunteers on a battery of neuropsychological tests comprising 'memory and search,' 'name and number checking,' 'Flanagan's eye-hand coordination' and 'digit symbol.' Each subject worked under two of the four combinations of(More)
To examine if there are changes in the levels of affections over different times of day, affective state measures, alertness, irritability, mental tension, headache and anxiety of 100 female staff nurses were assessed, on visual analogue scales at 2-h intervals over a 24-h work cycle spread over three different shift works. Oral temperature was also(More)
To determine alterations in functional capacities due to exposure to solvents in painters, a battery of psychological tests consisting of associative recall, critical flicker fusion, letter cancellation, Muller-Lyer illusion and card sorting was administered before their work day schedule starting at 0800 h, 16 h after cessation of their work the previous(More)