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We evaluated the influence of urine pH on the proportion of urinary benzidine (BZ) and N-acetylbenzidine present in the free, unconjugated state and on exfoliated urothelial cell DNA adduct levels in 32 workers exposed to BZ in India. Postworkshift urine pH was inversely correlated with the proportions of BZ (r = -0.78; P < 0.0001) and N-acetylbenzidine (r(More)
Occupational sickness among tobacco farmers due to the handling of green tobacco leaves is termed "green symptom." This symptom was investigated among 197 Indian tobacco workers and it was found that 88.83% of the workers were suffering from green symptom when exposed to green tobacco leaves during their occupational operation. Nicotine concentration of the(More)
Phorate (Thimet), an aliphatic derivative of phosphorus is a highly toxic insecticide. In order to implement the safety measures, the clinical manifestations and cholinesterase (ChE) activity were evaluated before and after 2 weeks of exposure to this insecticide in 40 male formulators. The 2 week's exposure reveal signs and symptoms of toxicity in 60% of(More)
The emerging epidemic of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases in developing countries may have its roots in childhood. We studied atherosclerosis risk factors--tobacco use, obesity, hypertension, total cholesterol level and dietary intake of atherogenic nutrients in adolescent school children aged 13-17 years in Western India. Two hundred thirty-seven(More)
Two types of gloves were provided to 85 non-Virginia tobacco harvesters who complained of having "green symptoms." Results show that the use of gloves causes a significant reduction in nicotine absorption as reflected by the nicotine and cotinine excretion rates and also the reduction in the prevalence of "green symptoms," since contact with the leaves and(More)