S K Kalaĭdzhiev

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The aim of the present investigation was to establish the sperm antibody incidence among patients included in a program for assisted reproduction by the means of the classical and new methods for sperm antibody detection; to analyze the correlation between the results demonstrated by the different techniques; to evaluate the obtained data in the context of(More)
Among others, immunological factors can be the reason for human infertility. The aim of the present critical review was to the analyze the literature data, published in the last 20 years, as well as our experimental and clinical results concerning the most frequently used in the international centers methods for the detection of antisperm antibodies(More)
Among others, immonulogical factors can be the reason for human infertility. Our critical review of English-Language literature published between 1979 and May 2001, as well as the analyzed literature data for the Bulgarian population, showed sufficient evidence that antisperm antibodies impair fertility in couple with unexplained infertility by different(More)
The existence of natural sperm antibodies in fertile subjects requires the application of additional methods in certain cases of significant, but near to the borderline agglutinating titers, in order to distinguish between pathological and natural sperm antibodies. We applied the sperm immobilization test (SIT) of Isojima and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent(More)
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