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We apply a simulation protocol based on the reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) method, which incorporates an energy constraint, to model porous carbons. This method is called hybrid reverse Monte Carlo (HRMC), since it combines the features of the Monte Carlo and reverse Monte Carlo methods. The use of the energy constraint term helps alleviate the problem of the(More)
Few cases of percutaneous device closure of a left ventricular pseudoaneurysm have been reported. We describe the case of a 67-year-old man with a history of coronary artery disease who presented with shortness of breath and chest pain. Computed tomographic angiography showed a left ventricular pseudoaneurysm that was filling from a small leak in the(More)
An extension to ER (Entity Relationship) model for semantic modeling of databases in top down manner is presented. The model proposes a new entity type called composite entity type and a table based meta construct called tabletype relationship. A composite entity type models composite entities, whereas a tabletype relationship is shorthand and represents a(More)