S. K. Fyfe

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The spectral signatures of the seagrasses Zostera capricorni, Posidonia australis, and Halophila ovalis were investigated to determine whether species could be discriminated by remote sensing. The spectral reflectance of fouled and unfouled leaf samples collected from marine and brackish habitats at three estuaries in southeastern Australia were measured in(More)
Rett syndrome is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder affecting girls, caused by mutations in the MECP2 gene. There are no population-based data on the extent and determinants of health service use in this disorder. The population-based registry, the Australian Rett Syndrome database, was the source of phenotype data. This also contains data from mutation(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement scales seeking to quantify latent traits like attitudes, are often developed using traditional psychometric approaches. Application of the Rasch unidimensional measurement model may complement or replace these techniques, as the model can be used to construct scales and check their psychometric properties. If data fit the model, then(More)
OBJECTIVES We developed clinical guidelines for the management of bone health in Rett syndrome through evidence review and the consensus of an expert panel of clinicians. METHODS An initial guidelines draft was created which included statements based upon literature review and 11 open-ended questions where literature was lacking. The international expert(More)
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