S. K. Dhawan

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A dedicated B physics experiment is proposed for the Fermilab Tevatron p-¯ p Col-lider. The goal is to study the full range of physics associated with 10 10 produced B ¯ B pairs per year. This corresponds to a run of 10 7 sec at an average luminosity of 10 31 cm −2 sec −1 , with a σ B ¯ B ∼ 45 μbarns and a ratio of 1 B ¯ B pair/1000 inelastic events. Since(More)
The muon (g?2) experiment at Brookhaven has just completed a 3-month run for checkout and initial data-taking. In the rst two months beam was taken in a parasitic mode where one out of ten AGS pulses was delivered for commissioning of the beam line, quadrupoles, detectors, and data acquisition. This was followed by four weeks of dedicated data collection.(More)
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