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Water resources play an important role in environmental, transportation and region planning, natural disaster, industrial and agricultural production and so on. Surveying of water-bodies and delineate its features properly is very first step for any planning, especially for places like India, where the land-cover is dominated by water-bodies. Recording(More)
Vehicle tracking and detection plays an important role in traffic surveillance, still a crucial task in many applications. Till now, there is no standard method developed. Template matching is one of the methods used for vehicle detection and tracking. There are several researchers and developers worked on this area. Robust and reliable vehicle detection is(More)
Accurate and reliable information about land use and land cover is essential for change detection and monitoring of the specified area. It is also useful in the updating the geographical information about the area. Over the past decade, a significant amount of research has been conducted concerning the application of different classifier and image fusion(More)
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