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A mesencephalic locomotor region has been located in the rat brain. Electrical stimulation of the mid-brain in decerebrate animals was used to elicit locomotion on a freely mobile treadwheel. The lowest threshold stimulation sites were reconstructed from histology and accumulated from different experiments. An averaging procedure, taking into account the(More)
  • S K Coles
  • Advances in experimental medicine and biology
  • 1977
Studies of the human bronchial gland in organ culture have allowed us to elucidate some of the factors controlling the synthesis and secretion of bronchial mucus. The secretory cycles of mucous and serous cells appear to differ, the former alternately accumulating and discharging secretory material, while in the latter synthesis and discharge occur(More)
It has hitherto been assumed that the globule leucocytes (GL) occur as free cells in the airways of animals. The present study provides definite evidence for the occurrence of these cells in the bronchopulmonary lavage of cattle. At the light-microscopic level, the GL was a round to elongate cell containing the characteristic large, round, metachromatic(More)
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