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The operating characteristics and retention times of floating body cells and arrays using Z-RAM<sup>reg</sup> technology fabricated on a 50 nm DRAM process are presented. For the first time, data retention time longer than 8 s at 93degC and 1.6 V wide programming window are obtained on floating body cells as small as 54 nm times 54 nm. These results(More)
Brain tumors in infants present special diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. To figure out the clinical features, pathological classification of the tumors and the treatment outcome of infantile brain tumors, 458 children (age<16) with brain tumors were reviewed retrospectively. Among them 21 cases (4.6%) were diagnosed during the first 12 months of life.(More)
Vertical double gate floating body (FB) Z-RAM memory cell technology fabricated on a recess gate DRAM technology is presented. Cell operating voltage of 0.5V with comparable static retention and &#x003E; 1000x improvement in dynamic retention is reported. The reported vertical double gate FB cell is the cell with the lowest operation voltage reported to(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Baeumer et al. 8, 13 have proved existence and uniqueness of a strong solution for 1.2 using the semigroup theory when f x, t, u is globally Lipschitz continuous. Furthermore, when f x, t, u is locally Lipschitz continuous, existence of a unique strong solution has also been shown by introducing the cut-off function. Finite difference(More)
This paper describes a power conversion system with an active clamping current-fed three-phase half-bridge dc-dc converter for fuel cell applications. The proposed converter has a three-phase interleave step-up dc-dc converter structure consisting of three input inductors, three active switches at the primary and a diode rectifier at the secondary. The(More)
Approximate solutions are considered for the strongly damped extensible beam equations using the method of lines and an implicit ®nite di€erence scheme. Existence and stability of the corresponding methods are studied and error estimates are also obtained. Energy conservation and decay properties of the ®nite di€erence approximate solutions are shown using(More)