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In this paper, we propose a technique for embedding watermark bi-color image into color image. At the source, the handwritten signature image (bi-color image) is encoded at the end of the color image. Double folded security of handwritten signature can be achieved (over the untrusted network) by; first, the starting point of encoding the image data is(More)
Most common computer authentication method is traditional 'User Name' and 'password'. There are numerous Biometric authentication methods also proposed. In this paper, we propose a novel and new alternative; Figure as a Password. In this scheme users will get complete freedom to select their Passwords. In this paper, we conduct an extensive survey of the(More)
We design an algorithm to merge both RSA algorithm and Diffie-Hellman Algorithm of them to provide a user with even higher level of data security. Actually, our intent is to secure data of smaller as well as larger size by obtaining one randomly chosen key pair from set of RSA keys and one randomly chosen secret key using Diffie-Hellman algorithm and then(More)
In this paper, we propose data hiding and extraction algorithms for binary images. Handwritten Signature Image can be transmitted from source to target securely over network after processing the source image by using this proposed Data Hiding Algorithm. According to the algorithm, size of the carrier image must be double (or more) the size of source image.(More)
A natural Disaster or a catastrophe is a sudden incident which disturbs the normal conditions or equilibrium of an area both intensively and extensively by threatening human life and property where resources required for combating the scenario substantially exceeds what is locally available. In this paper we present a technique of deployment of Command and(More)
Ad-hoc network is extensively used to create a communication hotspot exploiting the Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies which give rise to a smart network that can be used in a broader perspective. Here, we design Rapidly Deployable Ad-hoc Network(RADAN) for handling state or national level crisis where the emergency communication network will be deployed rapidly(More)
In this paper we propose a data hiding and extraction algorithm for binary images. Handwritten signature can be easily transmitted through the network using this data hiding method. Here we are implementing bit masking to retrieve alternate bits of the watermark image and stuff that bit to the alternate bit positions in the image file at the source end. The(More)
Straintronic magneto-tunneling junction (s-MTJ) switches, whose resistances are controlled with voltage-generated strain in the magnetostrictive free layer of the MTJ, are extremely energy-efficient switches that would dissipate a few aJ of energy during switching. Unfortunately, they are also relatively error-prone and have low resistance on/off ratio.(More)
Computer technology and the Internet have made a breakthrough in the existence of data communication. Securing the data transfer over a transmission media has become of great importance. This has opened a new way of implementing steganography to ensure secure data transfer. Steganography is the fine art of hiding the information. Hiding a message in a(More)