S. K. Al-Omari

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The aim of this study was to shown that the photosensitizer in photodynamic therapy (PDT) can contribute to the dark toxicity and phototoxicity of the tumor by binding with copper. This binding process can remove the copper from the body, stopping angiogenesis as well as activating the mechanisms of cell death, such as apoptosis and necrosis. In PDT, this(More)
  • S K Q Al-Omari, Adam Kilicman, Hartley-Hilbert, Fourier-Hilbert Trans
  • 2015
and related topics This is a list of papers on Boehmians, pseudoquotients, and related topics. If you know of a paper that is missing from my list, or if you have any other suggestions or corrections, please send a message to Piotr.Mikusinski@ucf.edu.
The shift of the Q-band of sodium zinc(II)-2,9,16,23-phthalocyanine tetracarboxylate (ZnPc(COONa)4) to about 800 nm is attributed to the influence of the electron-donating property of the carboxylate groups substituted in the β–position. ZnPc(COONa)4 which was found to have a symmetry of D 2h characterized by a splitting of the Q transition. This splitting(More)
The tempered ultradistribution space of Roumieu type for the space H μ,ν is defined, which is a subspace of the Hausdörff locally convex topological linear space. Further, results are obtained for the multipliers and operators on the tempered ultradistribution spaces for the distributional Hankel-type transformation spaces.
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